Dongguan Hongfa Steel Structure Mats.Co.,Ltd

Hongfa iron and steel enterprise is one of the largest leading iron and steel enterprises in South China. The group headquarters is located in the Eastern Industrial Park of Dongguan City. Main business: production, processing and sales of building steel structure products, including enclosure systems such as profiles, color tiles and sandwich panels; Professional slitting and cutting of industrial metal sheet, including cold plate, electrolytic plate, galvanized plate, etc. Since its establishment in 1993, after more than 20 years of vigorous development, the group has owned: Dongguan Hongfa steel structure materials Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Hongtai heavy industry steel structure Co., Ltd. (with advanced steel structure production equipment at home and abroad, specializing in processing large-scale box, bridge, portal steel structure and enclosure system, with an annual production capacity of more than 200000 tons); Dongguan Hongshun metal materials Co., Ltd. (specializing in slitting and cutting various metal plates for electronic hardware processing, R&D and production of high-end composite building products.); Dongguan Hongjun iron and Steel Trading Co., Ltd. (sales of profile steel and profiles, import and export trade of various industrial and construction steel products); Guangdong Honggang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (project contracting); Foshan guanshun factory (enclosure system); (Hong Kong) Hongfa Steel Co., Ltd; (Singapore) Hongfa Steel Co., Ltd.


Purpose of Hongfa steel
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Contact person of steel structure engineering: Yao Rihua

TEL:13809627109(Same wechat number

Person in charge of steel structure material marketing center: Xu Liaoyuan

TEL:13925803392(Same wechat number)

Steel sheet pile sales, leasing and engineering contact: Tian Baojun


Cold rolling / galvanizing contact: Miss Zhang

TEL:13926855833(Same wechat number)

Contact person of aluminum plate: Miss Zhang

TEL:13926855833(Same wechat number)

Profile steel sales contact: Miss Yao

TEL:13423365111(Same wechat number)