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President Addressed

President Speeches-2011



My dear friends:

       Good afternoon!

       First of all, I, on behalf of Hongfa Steel Enterprise Board, give my heartfelt appreciation to all the friends who support and concern Hongfa Steel Enterprise . It is because of your full support and love, The ship of Hongfa Steel Enterprises  was able to ride, and keep walking on all the way to today.

       Recalling the past, we work together, help each other. Goals can’t  be done without the majority of partners trust and love, and also inseparable from Hongfa people’s hard working and solidarity struggling. As president of the company's director, I was deeply moved by all the staff who treat development  as their responsibility, and selfless work of the spirit , there emerged a large number of excellent staff, excellent sales, excellent department, good company. Here, I thank you all of you very much.


        Repeated innovation, and meet challenges. In 2010,  Hongfa heavy steel workshop completed and started to production. And then Naimei Company opened, Hong Gang Engineering Company has obtained a Grade II Qualification, Hongtai II started to operation, make all the group rise to a new platform. We know enterprise development and management of progress is mutual support and solidarity. Therefore, we set up Hongfa Steel Enterprise Management College, increase the management of cadres and staff training efforts.

Bring the classroom to our enterprises ,in the next two years I believe that Hongfa will emerge a large number of talented and political integrity talents.


         Hongfa Steel Enterprise thank all my colleagues, at same time we will return with the truth to all employees. 2011,in the existing salary &welfare, self-education will be improved for another new step, the new family wings will be completed and put into use in this June.

         Looking back, 2010 is our pride year, look into future, 2011 will be another hard work year. This year will much more competitive, we must keep clear head, advance gradually in every step. Let history remember brilliant, the dream is still ahead. Let us stand side by side, use our hard working and sweat to write a new chapter of Hongfa.

         We cherish the opportunities given by time, flourish of this line, good results of 2010. We will make more new achievements for Hongfa and for ourselves.

         Finally, I give my best regards to all the friends, colleagues, families, wish all of you good luck, good health, family happiness, and Hongfa will have a better tomorrow.

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